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Newbie from Leicester

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Roger Clark, Carnetix and Tractive are all on your doorstep.

Mike gamble who is a member on here works for RC. There's not many who will give you better advice is you choose to go there...

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I'm in Melton road side. Yes I've been going to Carnetix for the last 7 years Glen and Becky have been fantastic. Just went to roger clarks this year and they are also fantastic. I'm keen to go to a meet up and see what kinda mods you guys done. Like I'm thinking if I should do decat and manifold from RC or not then remap. As I have blitz cat back for now so not sure how loud it will become. As I love the current sound on my current setup.

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Roger Clark are awesome but I feel they do take the p**s with there prices , that's only my opinion , many on here use them , and I would rate there work very highly , but have deep pockets or a very understanding wife

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