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    • The advert does say that the engine is factory forged and the only model to come like this straight from the factory which i find very interesting as it seems you learn something every day.
    • Interesting how these stories change over time at least this time it wasn't you the "myth" was aimed at   BTW can you let me know when @Essbon is next due for some work I'll book mine in for service I fancy a few extra BHP lol
    • Probably give it a miss then if all the Canon Fodder (Salty) are at Santapod     i will I'll give you a call in the morning as I have a question for you.   @Ivanhatch going to postpone this week. Probably go next Saturday instead or in the week  
    • Hi,   I had to chuckle the other day when a Scooby newbie told me a story, one I heard 10 years ago, it goes like this............   Two guys at a scooby meet, both got their bonnets open showing off their engine bays, they get talking and one says that he is running 380 BHP on a TD05 18G, other guy pipes up he has just had the same fitted and mapped at scoobyclinic, first guy asks, "when did you get that done", "last Wednesday/Thursday", came the reply, "funny that I was getting a service done there on Wednesday", they then both looked at their turbos when suddenly it was spotted that the first guys car was now sporting a TD04, and the second guys car had a TD05 18G on it !   First fella instantly stated, "The bastards have nicked my turbo and sold it into your car", other guy agrees and we get a kicking, strange the first guy who originally had the 18G didn’t notice 100BHP power drop after his service ?   The story is now a bit more polished, embellished with fruity add ons but essentially same story, but the interesting thing is now its another specialist, no longer is it us here at Scoobyclinic, its another well known specialist that’s attached to this Urban myth.   I wonder just how many specialists have had this story told about them, crazy thing is I explained to the scooby newbie that it was complete bollox but he insisted it was true and knew the two guys personally as they post on the same forum as him.............   Kev  
    • Hi,   entirely up to you, I will be here of course but I reckon it will be quiet as a lot of people including Salty and a number of customers are off to the Pod to watch Mikee and Phil in his SCR tuned WR1, Mikee reckons he will beat Phil and of course red rag to a bull that’s made Phil up his game,   Last time out Phil beat his personal best twice, he wasn’t aware we had swapped out his 5th and 6th gear for a better ratio more suitable to drag racing.......   Kev
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