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Another Mansfield Newbie


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Hello there !!

My names Matt, just bought a version 3 UK rolling shell (RUST FREE !!) for a grand total of ......£100.

Plans are to turn her into a track animal Hence my user name.

She currently needs:

1) Engine

2) Loom

3) Gearbox

4) Rear Diff

5) Pedals

Also going to give the front end a face lift and put some nice XXR 527 18x9.75.

Currently drive a 500+ BHP Mitsubishi GTO as my daily at the minute, to nice to take and abuse on a track so this was my perfect excuse for getting a SCOOBY!!.

When the Impreza is done i will be on as many track days as i can fit in, so hopefully i'll get to meet a few people from the forum.

Thanks Matt.

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Thanks for the welcome guys. I'll make a point of coming up one saturday and have a look around, I hear you have a big hanger full of bits and bobs.

Just be careful if Kev is in the hanger at the same tine. He's known to clear places with a single back fire after his buttie :lol:

Beat you to it this tine Kev :)

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Haha thanks for the warning lol.

Popping my question cherry then, what the average cost of a used CDB ?

welcome along mate.i would say anywhere between £250-£500 is a good bet

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Alright matey...welcome to a great club...pitty about the Derby fans though....lol

Theres a few track car owners within the club...so your more than welcome to join us for some fun ....when its ready mind...lol

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hello trackimal just down road in hucknall never been track day but gonna go just to watch and do picnic getting scoobie full on stickerd soon :-):-) and want want dust or bird s**t or nothing on it x any way welcome to ms sounds like theres lots for you to enjoy at the club :-)

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