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Get big brakes they said, Go on track they said


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6 minutes ago, MJP-STI said:

In the video you can see me take to much of the inside kerb and hear the thud, near the end of the video.


Yeah centre cap decided it was to much and quit


Ive known that to happen with ROTA centre caps. The heat properly melted them 


those brakes took a hammering by the look of them 

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13 hours ago, MJP-STI said:

Ones that came with the expensive kit from clinic, never expected them to disintegrate must be a fault. fade yes, disappear no 


over 50 sets of these sold and fitted and not one problem, its clear from the photograph that the brakes has taken a hammering and that usually down to over braking and not a fault, clearly they have been hot, very hot.


Best get the car to us for a look see.



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This is not a dig at Clinic or the parts you guys supply. I've spent a bit with you and still have plans to.


Understand I should of contacted you guys first and this wasn't a pop, It was sharing my day good and bad.


Been speaking to Dan and as usual you guys are trying to help.


Ive only posted pics and commented on this site so I hope you see it was just experience sharing and not a bashing


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no worries I just know that on some forums the very mention of our name is enough to get the haters out.


As stated before I can see how hot they have got must have been working them hard, and as S Bonn points out you would be better to upgrade to the pagid RS pads, not cheap but they do work and they do last especially for track use where anything can be pushed to breaking point


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I've just been looking on the shop at the kit




i think that although it says pads are for a mild track day experience, you may want to alter the wording to reflect what mild is. When I look at a track day, it's exactly that, a day, where the car goes on track for several 20 minute sessions. Between outings a reasonable set of pads should cool enough to allow another heat cycle and so on. I think Mike did a couple of 20 minute sessions on the day, all be it hard. Forget the pads, but the rotors are advertised as Race Specification which look to have got very hot, so it looks like the pad combination with rotor isn't really suitable for track day duty. I think it would be better to say within the advert, road use pads, but an option to upgrade the package to Padgid RS or EBC or whatever for track day use. That way a discussion can be had with the customer at the time of purchase. Obviously I don't know what was said at the time, so don't know if this happened, but either way expert advice and communication is key. 


Just my thoughts. 

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I'm not slating the kit or its proven ability's, I would not of bought them from you Kev if I had any dout.


Always been happy with your kit and crew.


Like you said they over heated alot, and in a 15 minute session with only 3 braking points per lap I was shocked they went this way. I would of deemed it mild track use.



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