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Modern Classics Magazine Impreza vs Evo photo shoot


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Today I was invited down to Bruntingthoprpe to see a photo shoot for Modern Classics magazine. The reporter was saying how the focus is turning to early Imprezas and Early Evo's as the up and coming classic status for the right cars. On display were early Impreza RA's, 22B's, P1's and Evo's up to 7 including a very nice Tommy Makinen. They were looking for near standard examples to shoot 


The day started at 9:00 am and finished at around 4pm. A lot of static, moving and group photos were taken with each owner interviewed. Great to see how the day worked, even though it was a pretty muggy and rainy sort of day. They were happy with the results and will be in the magazine in the coming months. A good read is on the cards by the sounds of it. 


Brunters is is a busy place during the week, with a lot of testing of road cars taking place with camouflage exteriors. So no idea what they were 


Here are a few photos with a link to them all to view 














Slideshow here 


http://s10.photobucket.com/user/Steve7777/slideshow/Modern Classics photo shoot 190916


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6 hours ago, theguvnor said:

It's a good magazine, I was wondering when they would feature some Subaru's.


I think its the right magazine for it as well. Very professional outfit. So I am sure the photos will be quality and the content accurate, unlike the old Total Impreza  magazine :thumb:

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9 minutes ago, chrisp77 said:

wasn't that 22B in the club around 10 years ago?


mr freeze was his user name if memory serves


Its Gary Hiberts from LADS. He's had it around 14 years 

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