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Derby Arena photos


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Well... the Velodrome, it's not easy taking photos in there, bad lighting doesn't help :/

these are what I came away with that I could rescue in LightRoom..




I plan to go again when it's a full race night, but then I doubt if I can actually get in the inside of the track to shoot like I did this time round.

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27 minutes ago, salsa-king said:

Yes they have, it' at Harvey Hadden Stadium, an outside race track.


Not quite the same though 


looks like you you were struggling with light. Which lens were you on ? The paparazzi one ?

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they were saving money and not all the lights were turned on.. hence why they sometimes look dark and in shadows.


I used the 17-50 vc f:2.8 and the 70-200 vc f:2.8 


didn't need anything bigger :)

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