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M-SOC Anniversary Event - Thanks all round


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Reflecting on the event yesterday and thought I'd quickly sum up what a great day it was for the club


As always its great to see a good turnout from the members each year and particularly yesterday I thought it was the best event at Curborough we have done as a club. The weather also being kind for the third consecutive year, which as with any event plays a big part on the success of the day :thumb: 


The cars attending were all well presented as always with proud members all too willing to show other members and the many guests around with enthusiasm for the marque. True enthusiasts and exactly how we as a club like to operate,so well done for all the effort put in to make them look the part on the day.


Car of the show was won by Phil @xxgomxx for his stunning Type R judged by the 2014 & 2015 winner @salsa-king . Quite a tough decision looking at the cars on show. Hopefully Phil @xxgomxx will be happy to judge next years event


Big thanks also goes out to Lucy & Craig @oscarcat2011 for sorting out the gate and being excellent at meeting and greeting people as they entered the venue. That job is hard work on its own, especially in the hot weather and for the members that helped set up the place in the morning and help clear away in the evening @hughy @Essbon @SteveT63 etc etc etc Its really important that a good impression is left for Shenstone and disctrict motor club that allow us to hire a much sort after weekend date year on year.


Great that the photographers turned up in mass to record the day, so thanks goes out to all of them @padgo @salsa-king @Chris (videos) @mikescooby (drone footage). I've probably missed some out, so thanks to anyone else that's posted. Its great to be able to keep such good memories.




It was good to see that all who booked the track package represented the club ensuring that the track behaviour was spot on all day and respected any decision the environmental health sound officer from the MSA made on the day. Everyone managed to pass the noise limit, the odd one with the help of a bung (not a money bung either !)  ! :):thumb: 


Lastly thanks to all the members that cam along to support the event along with our colleagues from type-ra and Charnwood Scoobies :thumb: spot on


As always things will bubble away in the background and looking forward to the 2017 event already. Watch this space for more information later in the year. As always it will be posted first in the club supporters section of the forum and later onto the open forum and Facebook once everything is finalised :thumb:


As always, any feedback that can improve the event further, then please let us know :thumb:


Many Thanks


Steve & Andy

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