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M-SOC Day 2016 - my pix


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I'm still editing some photos, but the morning session + lunch time I've done and uploaded to FlickR.

This will be my Pt1. Pt2 I'll sort tonight.


Some I'm pleased with, others are ok. the bad ones get deleted lol




105 photos so far.. click on this picture to open the album.





a few good ones are here too...

28303907001_4a0f0aaa0d_b.jpgM-SOC Day 2016-51 by FIL, on Flickr


anyone know who's this car is?

28278555742_859c686768_b.jpgM-SOC Day 2016-74 by FIL, on Flickr


27766838713_d838e7907e_b.jpgM-SOC Day 2016-85 by FIL, on Flickr


27766847033_fd36bcc18e_b.jpgM-SOC Day 2016-44 by FIL, on Flickr




afternoon session pix are here...




some good ones are here....

28317399491_89f60ac7f8_b.jpgM-SOC Day 2016-214 by FIL, on Flickr


28317394021_31974f3d9b_b.jpgM-SOC Day 2016-254 by FIL, on Flickr


28317398881_b57315ef61_b.jpgM-SOC Day 2016-220 by FIL, on Flickr


28291924852_c220be0872_b.jpgM-SOC Day 2016-301 by FIL, on Flickr

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added pt 2
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pt 2 photos are now on FlickR, see first thread



I wondering who would like a PRINT of their car in a mount (500x400)


as my camera club get the competition photos printed by a company that I could add some of these photos to, when I send my comp pix off to be printed. I have the 500x400 mounts I cut with a beveled edge.

If I work out the price to cover my cost, is it something ppl would like me to get printed ?


If ppl pick one photo they like the best, I can re edit it if needed ready for printing.

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