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Today's Monthly Meet photos (Feb 2016)


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still working out the settings on my camera! :(

all pix are here,


a selection are here to view too....

IvorHatch 's car is very nice indeed

24759521322_35e07a8d39_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

24509819139_fc50450b48_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

Hugh's car don't look too bad I spoze ;) I couldn't understand why the photo came out like this.. till I noticed rain spots on teh lens.. arty as some would say.

24851128386_eb49f4c23b_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

24784003271_42e56b0ed2_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

24851134946_77f4b81c97_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

24759513782_9d85075ea7_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

you don't see these very often, vary rare to see in the uk.. JDM.. twin scroll 2.0 litre WRX S-GT

24877411225_bd5a3c190f_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

24581960950_84cb2d37c7_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

Watch out for this bloke too... he likes popping bonnets.. up, showing off a clean engine bay ;)

24581957020_1a7e65c60a_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

24877417395_3752aab97a_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

24759516452_37097abc57_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

newly purchased WR1, just needs some detailing TLC , check the forums for members discounts from a few of our detailing sponsors :)

24581955090_720b940d56_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

24759515382_9b85d76811_c.jpgM-SOC 2016 by FIL, on Flickr

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