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Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000UK Story

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Hello!! I saw MSOC at Jap Northwest so thought I'd join here too.
Here's my story that I've shamelessly copy / pasted from my local Forum... sorry!

Well, 6 months ago I finally got my Subaru. A 1998 Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000 UK, which had been locked up in a barn for 3 years! It's got an extensive service history and was serviced every 6 months without fail... almost to the same day. It started with 75,000 and the only modification was Speedline Alloys that it had put on when the previous owner bought it brand new.

This is how she looked when I first got her:

The orange had to go quickly, but I had already gone out and bought clear front and side indicators (premature I know!)

I started hearing grinding from the back, so took it to National Tyres and I've now got new brake pads all round. Also new oil and oil filter.
Next it was off to CotComp near Preston for a Cosworth Panel Filter and to sort out and check a tapping, which turned out to be a Piston Slap sad.png But they've also sorted out my Boost Cut issue and replaced my solenoid which had part-fried itself.
Side note... they gave me THIS as a courtesy car! Great people and very helpful.

Slightly off topic, but we also went to WATCH a Rally

Next, was my hatred for green lights in the dials... so mine now look like:

After being to CotComp, they told me that my headlight motor had died too, which was perfect timing as I was on the look out for Crystal Headlights anyway. So I managed to find some, with sidelights, for £80 delivered... with motors.


After: (WHYYYY, do we have to have front number plates! sad.png )

After some debating I finally settled on a Scorpion exhaust. ScoobySpares in Fleetwood and I spent an hour changing back boxes and testing them out. Hayward & Scott sounded a little bit louder, but with the tip rolled in, it made it look slightly too small. The Scorpion suits it better I think.

It makes such a difference, seems to have a smoother delivery of power (could just be me imagining it). But the sound is where my smile comes from. It's a proper Subaru now! *rumble rumble rumble*






So slowly added a few things smile.png


Just some vinyl light covers until I can afford the STI lights. £7.99 smile.png

My other bulbs were misbehaving, so put some LED's in, which are a lot brighter. (Notice how I've got a bright supot just where my Turbo kicks in tongue.png )

Forge VTA Valve. PSSSSSH!








So she's finally coming together (look wise)

New splitter, flushed boot and high rise spoiler. Colour coded mirrors, side skirts and rear spats emoticon-0100-smile.gif
I also had a rust problem on my rear arch, so found an import arch and had it cut and then the new piece welded in.

https://www.facebook.com/swautosprayltd did the work for me, initially had colour match issues so I had to wait a few extra days. So they had the car in for 5 days in total.
Due to not wanting the paint to look any different they sprayed into the rear door, rear panel on both sides to flush it through.



Thanks for looking :)
Any feedback welcome!

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Hi and welcome to m- soc :thumb:

Thanks for posting a comprehensive thread of your car and it looks like you are cracking on and making a good job with your upgrades and refurbishments. Keep up the good work :)

I must admit that I can't remember that blue being available on 98 cars in the UK at the time as I had a similar one in silver back then, so it would be good to see a picture of the vin plate if that's possible showing the applied model code, colour and options :thumb:

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Ah 65C is the reddish blue metallic . Looking at the pictures I thought it was 74F Sonic blue

Yeah sorry, I know it's still a rare colour though. Pictures always seem to change the colour of my car. I never realised just how different the blue was until I was parked up next to other models.

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It's quite a weird colour isn't it John! Certain lights and it's one colour, then next it's different. Almost flip.

I always warm up for a few minutes and restrain my right foot for a bit. Same with cooling it down.

Do you have any pictures of yours on here?

That's good going BigFoot! I'll be adding a thousand miles to mine at the end of October. Haven't seen my dad for a year due to him living back in Guernsey, so he's riding his Suzuki BKing to Blackpool and then we're doing a road trip round Scotland :D

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hello sounds like you got plans for in your scobbie 1000 miles and scotland NICE ONE good one sir

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've also just realised that I joined the wrong group... It was MSOC that was at the JapMeet, not M-SOC :rolleyes:
Ah well, I'm here now.

Yep, she's going to CotComp at the start of September to have a quick service and to make sure everything's fine and running properly. Last thing I need is to break down in the middle of the Scottish Highlands!

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mr valentaine NUTTER LOL sort of thing id do NOW THEN we lpve real scotisch sort cake so after your adventure with father rember to bring a pack of these tasty delights along to meet no adivives just full fat butter style there the best be mice with full on creamy coffee juat to tickle the, taste buds

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