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This is really starting to bother me now.......

Why has it gone so quite on here? so many people online but so few posts. hate to say it but not seeing much point anymore :ouch:

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You call it random s**t lol I think its funny yes I likes ramdam s**t lol I look every day just to see crap chat keepbringing it lol hives a kick to the day need it bloody boaring at work !!!

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I've shreddies and nutty stuff on top time to go healthy Monday to Friday x let the body mend from achol fatty food and ruff dirty sex lol lol

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Facebook has a lot to do with it but it is such an easily accessible form of media that lots will naturally migrate towards it.

Looking at the hit rate on the actual site, that remains high - sadly, we can't make people post on here if they just want to look. It would appear that most are happy to post on FB and the like but not on a dedicated website but, that said, this is a Club not an open media forum. Looking at other Club websites, I get the impression that postings are down on most of them, if not all, and the most input that anyone gets is if it's moans and groans about what should or shouldn't have happened, that's human nature and actually quite often a damn good laugh!!

You get out what you put in so let's all get posting ;)

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