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Are private reg plates gay

gwr northants

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I can see one that has meaning being ok like your initials etc ? But I've known people have them on and they don't mean s**t , and I just think why ?? Like bonnys it makes sense or say if I got gwr my initials but when I see mr barry jack the lad with some tosh on , just makes me giggle , and no steve I don't want to be gay you up hill gardener

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Hope they ain't gay tho ? I've got 2 plates daughters on the scooby as she is without a car atm and one that I brought years ago from money left to me by my grandad so I could keep it with me so to speak currently on the work horse ?

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That makes 2 of us then Adam.

to those who know me 'G1 URN' makes sense....... but to some random person they wouldn't have a clue.

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What a ridiculous question. Of course they aren't....

Altho I do have one....

5cat was for sale a couple of years back, I was just £100,000 short.... It's only on a f**king merc anorl....

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Well scatty I feel that in some cases they are like

I've said if the are has meaning . All well and good but say if you had ota 1499 I'd be asking you what's that for then ?? Horses for courses n all that if I could buy gwr 3 I would as I'm the 3rd in my family but would I keep ydsa 745 x on a car that I had bought ?? Err no it's gay

And you at golf so we know your gay !!

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