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had to larf, buying a house on same estate as a mate of mine and site manager clocked my R when we were up there the other week. Don't think he realised a P1 is a watered down R when he said 'should have got a p1' or words to that effect,,, hahahaha

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In my view the type R and the P1 are great cars but as different as chalk and cheese as a P1 in my view is a reasonable car to use daily where as a type R is not really suitable for daily use as it is a lot harsher car.

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Not the everlasting Type R verses P1 debate - who started it, any ideas Gaz? lol :)

Errmmm no comment Marv lol

And John I have never owned a p1 I never will . The only advantages I thought a few year back to owning a p1 over a type r was the p1.s I believe did hold there money slightly better . But of late type r money has rocketed I personally know of a type r that sold for 18 grand last year . Ok admittedly it was mint . But yes p1s Was it skull fudges p1 don't know what that went for but bloody loads 24 or so . The theory that you say about being harsher ? I dont personally go for tbh as surely that's down to how the car is set up . And hey let's be honest if you want a nice comfy drive buy a bmw audi Volvo etc . I do feel that both cars are cracking bits of kit. But yes for me the type r wins for a few things gearbox being one . But you could say stick the box in a p1 yes you could ? Could be hear all day . Forrests p1 is gorgeous very very tight lovely to drive p1 . It's good that we're not all the same other wise we would all love British Barley lol sorry steve will get that I did find the p1 forum a bit anal though . A cars for driving not polishing

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could go on all day every day for a year and still be arguing about this debate.....lol

Back to the origanal post about P1Woc

Basically it is still up and running BUT there ia a new site called P1oc.co.uk

A few members from P1Woc had a falling out over certain issues...proberly politice regards the forum....not 100% sure what the issues where......proberly politice regards the forum........so a few members decided to start a new forum run by its members....Shaky being one of them.

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The debate about P1 and Type R;s will rage on for years as will the "White Prototype car"

Years after the P1 was launched, the numerous questions were asked and Mike Wood happily obliged with these replies

Nice spec as well with all the upgrade WR parts. Not sure it had over 300hp but it was certainly a quick one, maybe because our Senior Technician rebuilt the engine after somebody else had put too much oil in it.............

The white car is one of the development cars and was a Group N donor car (V5 Type R) converted with the bits we wanted and used to develop the suspension spec and get the car homologated.



A Type R should have DCCD and no ABS but we wanted the longer gearing of the 4 door and the ABS so couldn't have DCCD although the switch was perhaps still there.

ABS was too difficult to retro-fit so the prototype didn't have it.

The show cars were built from Blue STi V5 Type Rs made to look the part ( we used the white one for development as we had it 'in stock' and couldn't wait for blue ones to arrive.

A P1 isn't a Type R with bits removed, it best described as a V6 4 door built into a 2 door bodyshell with Type R suspension. Bit more complex than that as some parts were fitted in Japan and more were fitted in the UK but it's more correct than saying it's a low spec Type R.


The second response is quite interesting as in the first quote the "white P1" is referred to being A Group N car, but "one of the development cars" the others being Blue Type R's made to look the part, whereas he then goes onto say the Prototype car didn't have DCCD

However the last paragraph is a fair description of what a P1 actually is

Great cars anyway, so that's the end of that debate (well for a while anyway)



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That may be true Steve....but at the end of the day....A P1 will ALWASYS be more desirable.....and it will hold its value more, and it will gain in value over the next 5 years....and once it reachers 20 years old it will be a PROPER CLASSIC worth £££££

Also a Typr R was built in Japan for the Japanease market.......The P1 was developed by PRODRIVE......The motorsport company that designed the winning Rally Subaru cars.....Thats why they are speacial

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See paul 5 years ago I would of agreed but type rs have went up up up in value , now there is not a great deal in it and paul you know we have a good laugh this ain't directed at you but a lot of the p1 forum users were w**kers lol !!!

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Wasn't actually trying to start and argument about which is better, which is worth more etc etc. There will always be those that favour one over the other. The quotes are merely from what Mike Wood said years ago after a debate on another well known forum

For me if you find a Type R in poor condition and a P1 in good condition, you will pick the P1 and vice versa, or you will move on until you find the car you want

Personally I think whether the car is jap spec or UK spec, the condition will now dictate the price as the cars get older and there are less of them. Hammer prices in Japan are on the up for high grade rarer cars and that's a fact. In some cases the good quality cars are being re imported. IM weren't allowed to import the jap spec cars for mass market distribution, so homologated cars for the UK were developed. For example you cant buy a UK Turbo 2000 in Japan and that car was watered down over the equivalent JAP WRX. The only exception to this were the 16 UK 22B cars, but that was prior to the import laws being lifted in 1999. The UK 22B was a 1998 car.

For the record bought a Type R because that's what I wanted. If I'd wanted a P1 I would have bought one and I guess that's true for P1 owners buying them over Type R's :thumb:

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