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New member from walsall


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Hi guys, I bumped into you at curborough last year and finally got round to becoming a paid member yesterday,I'm sure there's only 8 hours in a day not 24 lol!!,where does the time go???

Looking forward to meeting you guys properly and having a chat etc

Here's a few pics of my blobeye,it's an 03 uk sti PPP with only a few subtle mods,Tein Super Street coilovers and EDFC controller,Deceptor adjustable BOV,scooby world mud flaps,strut brace,and I've just had a full Blitz Nur Spec exhaust fitted at Pole Position that I brought off eBay for £400,it's also having a twin mapp done with launch control and anti lag at "PP" in the next couple of weeks so can't wait for that

Hope you guys like it :) :)







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I know the previous owner of this car if that's any help to you

hi dave,

The previous owner was a darren Simpson from Kettering,is that the guy you know or would it of been the one before him which was a Carl Hudson from wombourne?,either way it would be nice to know what he thought of the car,did he have any issues,did he do any mods etc,etc

In response to your previous quote,I got the car last April from Cheshire performance cars in Dunkinfield Manchester and they said they got it via a website forum and the previous owner was a lorry driver who didn't use the car much



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Hello there, it was actually Carl who I know, the lorry driver must not of had it long either, I think he only had it around 12 months aswel. The only reason he got rid of it was because he was doing a lot of miles and we all know what the fuel consumption is like. He bought it from jct cars I know that much. I've told him about your thread so hopefully he will join and come on. If I can help you anymore just ask. By the way I know its a bit more of travel but mark at t d racing in Warwickshire is great and he also does mapping and has his own dyno. Anything else just ask mate. Glad your enjoying it.

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