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Rear torsion bars

Scooby 17

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Aaaa I see have you tried Clinic they will defiantly have them of a braker car

I Have , Kev was very helpful he thinks you can simply adjust them but had a quick look and i carnt see how lol , think i need a set of sti ones as from google seach tells me this is a problem on wrx cars when they have the bigger spoiler on them

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Mustn't admit I've never herd of the Sti ones being bigger but yes thinking about it , more weight etc would make sense , didn't know you could adjust them

Though . They can be. Pig to put on , use big mole grips jase . And watch them knuckles fella

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Haha gwr , as it goes this does sort the problem fitted set of sti ones still have all my fingers just lol and Yep big difference no knocks rattles from boot when driving also pull the catch inside car an boot opens as it should do

Learn something new every day , never come across this b4


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