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1st niggle on the car


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Have been reading on other web sites how the new scoob has a problem with the fuel cap cover release lever.

Today up the garage with the fuel light on I pulled the lever to release the cover and


Took quite a while to get the cover open and filled up with £70 of fuel.

Got home and rang Europa up to let them know and they told me they've already had 2 in with the same problem.

Then told me the parts are on back order and may take a month or two to get here from Japan :crazy:

Here's hoping that every time I need fuel in the next couple of months I can get fuel into the car :whistle:

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Loads of new owners are having the same problem. Quick fix is to jam something in the leaver to hold it up while you grab the flap with a credit card. This is the fix in US something similar issued in UK. TSB 09-57-14, issued June 11, 2014, which describes a fix for this problem. It applies to all WRX and STI models made before April 23, 2014, with VINs earlier than 808794. It calls for new part number 51469VA000. It is a revised spring and new ring clip that should make the door pop open when the release lever is pulled. The TSB says it takes .5 hours and is covered under warranty.

Also issues with paint chipping on rear from boot lid bottoming on it and leaking rear diffs.

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Not had this problem so far - have to check the filler flap a few times. Don't want to be stuck in a forecourt with no way to refuel.

Haven't seen any evidence of a leaking rear diff yet - no oil on the drive so far.

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