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An old member returns much wiser


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So after joining M-SOC 3 years ago, I wrote my Blobeye WRX off like a fool very shortly after :(

Well I'm now back behind the wheel of a Hawkeye WRX, much older and wiser!!! And after getting new shocks and springs on today up at the clinic (and chatting to someone from the forums (I think he said he was the owner or somethin like that I really can't rememebr lol )) I've rebooted my account and getting back into the joys of owning a scoob and waving to every other scoob I see lol

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Yea Kev the car is handling a lot better on motorways and at speed. Not had much chance to test the cornering on it but it is definately better. For the money and what I got im very happy with it and will be recommending it

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welcome mate ive just joined myself interested to know what suspension youve had as mine is driving me mad it seems to be bottoming out when i hit a pot hole cheers john .


its called "pedders", the company date back to 1950, they are Australian and do nothing but shocks and springs, and you can tell, they really know their stuff.

This range called Ezi fit comes as 4 complete legs with lowering springs and top mounts fitted, all high quality, and as their name says, easy fit.

3 nuts at the top, two bolts at the bottom followed by a geom check job done and on special offer at just £799.00 inc VAT fitted

Great product and a fix for all 01 on cars with worn or rattly suspension, with a bonus of lowering the car and stiffening it up in the process, win win.


Hers a set being fitted.....


In stock



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