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First decent review by EVO mag of the new STi


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Nope still unequal on the STi. The WRX with the new direct injection gets the front mounted turbo and equal length manifold.

Shame we won't see the WRX here. I'm hoping Subaru pull their finger out and put the new engine in the STi.. but they haven't released the JDM STi yet so who knows..

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The biz could of been an awesome car , but it's soo underpowered , pitty really , saying that I wouldn't buy one if I has that sort of money be a hawk eye spec c for me , and yes get 4 adults in it so a bit more practical

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lol I only need a single seater so the rear seats aren't a worry. It's funny how we're all quick to jump to opionions about its power etc but don't actually know anyone whos got one to actually hear there side.

I would super charge it like the Litchfield one eventually no doubt.

In another 12-24 months I recon the price would of come down to between the 15-18k mark which is the same price I paid for the scoob 5 years ago.

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Well Ian you say we're all quick to jump on it ? It's a performance car ?? With no performance ? Hence why maybe people are ? Just strikes me as mad why they never stuck a turbo on it ,

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A performance car? Not heard it marketed as that. That's what the STi is for.

As Mr Doo69 says, its supposed to an affordable fun driving car that can rival the MX5 by all accounts it succeeded at. Just ashame the GT86 outsells it 10:1

It'll be nice to have something a little different in the club. Hopefully one day I'll be able to drive it and form a better opinion.

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