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a/c v mpg ???

gwr northants

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went and cleaned my new cab out today based down near hemel , about 50 mile each way from my house , cruising at a shown 85 mph my t5 volvo shows an indicated , 28.5 mpg (not bad for a 5000 tonne car and 280 ish bhp ) put a/c on it dropped to a shown 25.8 to 26.2 mpg fair drop really tbh , just aswel i have windows lol !!!!

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my scoob never had a 'power zapping' button....... aka A/C.

The vxr does..... but hey..... its what fuel is for....... BURNING!!!!!

Didn't buy a V6 turbo for the fuel efficiency, so the a/c is gonna make naff al difference!!!........ lol :hrhr:

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Drove down to Heathrow in the A4 on sunday and did this test and it made no difference but in the RB there is a notable feel of restricting the power...

Maybe a TDI versus turbo petrol engine thing etc..???

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Rich my t5 is a petrol mate ? Straight 5 cylinder 2.5 liter turbo ,at be some cars it's more of a strain ? I don't know I'm not clarkson lol , saying that he's a thick fooker so maybe I am !!

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Simple explanation is that in one direction you were travelling into the wind, and other you weren't lol

I remember reading something about above a certain speed the aircon makes no difference due to the drag of having the windows open is less than or equal too the resistance on the engine.

It's only in urban driving/traffic situations that mpg decreases due do the extra load at idling.

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