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WRXS 2010


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Have bit the bullet and put the car up for sale on Pistonheads.

The cars I've looked at are going for 10500 to 14500

so have gone for a middle figure of 12000

here's hoping it gets sold.

1000 mile oil and filter change at Scoobyworld

1st service 7429 miles at Victor Wood Grantham (Subaru)

2nd service 13695 miles at Unity Peteborough (Subaru)

3rd service 20328 miles at Carnetix Melton Mowbray

4th service 26259 miles at Europa Subaru Sheffield

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Have to say this is a good buy for someone, as its been well looked after, and your not what could be classed as a 'boy racer'...... :hrhr:

£12k seems a reasonable price too!!

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