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At the end of the day, he is known for not being very PC.....

But he should also know better.....

It has been said the peers morgan is out to get him...... and wasn't it the mirror that broke the story..?

If his job goes on topgear, we could always send GWR as a replacement...... now that would be entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!

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Have you actually seen it?! He definitely does not say it, deliberately mumbles so that he doesn't say it, and when I was at school that rhyme was replaced with "Tigger" instead, and he could have just of easily said that.

It's a total non-story. It happened over a year ago.

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I think that would be a great idea..... you could replace them all with....

James may - Scatty

Clarkson - GWR

Hammond - Whiteknuckleride ( yes he's twice the height of Hammond, but he does like a good bit of banter )

Think we should get Marv to have a word with a few of his 'posh' friends and pull some strings!!!! :hrhr:

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