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New curborough lay out

gwr northants

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That looks alot better. Looked a bit boring before which is why I never bothered going.

Can you go down the big straight in the opposite direction though into the left hander at the bottom? I've never seen any vids of people going round in that direction and it seems strange as that would be my preferred layout.

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Not by much u can't I couldn't do it in marmite on slicks neither could Hendo mate , we were trying it and using his apexi as it shows top speed mine I think was 97 best Hendo 99 but you the man I'm sure U will see 130 + mate lol pmsl errr not !!!! Think marmite was about 300 or so maybe 330 ?? Can't remember for sure

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We were running the course old one normal way spinning up big time out the bottom right and like I say just missing 100 across the Line , you will have ya new 2.1 by then though hey so yes u should , u still be slower than Clio though mate , but don't worry . No harm in bring beaten by a 850 quid scrapper mate lol

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