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......some of you know I've been to the vets once or..........actually 5 times this week

Waited until they were all ok before ranting!!!

My adult male and his adolescent son had a scrap earlier this week.......and the son got the better of the dad

Hard as foooook........if ya saw the dad you wouldn't mess.....but my boy did!!!!

Emergency trip out of hours to the vet........

Anyway after 5 visits this week between both dogs there all good....... 1 minus his b0110x ;-)))))

After today im now £1400 quid lighter but hey......what can you do? Foooookin dogs.......ya gotta love em!

Vets.......worse than politicians the Robbin cun15!!!!!

Never had such a high vets bill since insurance got the greedy side of vets grrrrr....rant over!!!

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Ohh that's not good mate , I know when our fat thing caught meningitis the bill was 3500 , but we had insurance to cover , don't imagine they cover fighting ??

Like you say though Ady what do ya do , dogs are part of the family , nothing else you can but but pay , glad all I'd sorted now , and no dog treats for either of them for the next month !!!

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Never a nice thing to happen.

That's why i gave you the bitch back.

I feared something like this happening but with the young one near.

And as far as vets fees go they charged us £300 to put the big male we had to sleep due to old age and a stroke.

£75 call out i live a quarter of a mile from them.

Then the body bag they bought out was to small.

f**ked up by not giving him enough drugs so had to go through all the grief twice not good.

Should have sent them a letter ha ha

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