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been playing with a DJI Phantom vision 2


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been thinking about getting one of these and i mentioned it to my boss at work and he went and bought one later that day lol could'nt believe. so it came next day and let me get it out the box and set it up, there good for what they are but is expesive but with it being the wrong time of year it wont be much fun with the weather being to windy, but in the spring and summer it be well worth it,he let me use it for 2 days, sat was abit to windy and sunday was a better day, so tried it out as see what the 14mp was like

my first video




just need to play with settings abit on the video. you tube can sort out the shakyness but i think it makes the video abit waveyfied as its trying to reduce it, so i just kept it reginal, i can borrow the phantom again and could use it on one of the meets by haveing a video or pictures in a birds eye view.

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Looks awesome. Bring that to Curborough next year for some overhead shots :)

Nor sure why the links aren't showing ? I get that problem too. If I copy a link using iphone it works , but not on windows. Maybe Andy can shed some light ?


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i love games but dont no what you on about :-) BUT SOUNDS OK STUFF:-) just done woek so heres to a large sparkly carva a right f**king thank you vodka LARGE and do in full christmas lunch for famliy robster kids and sister andmum :-\ DAY OF :-):-):-) i need another LARGE xx :-):-)

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been flying a DJI phantom for a while now, fantastic piece of kit,

Also got an AR drone, they come ready fixed with an HD camera up front which can stream back to your phone or record on a memory stick, it was that good we bought 10 of them at a good price and sold them all in a week, even Mr.holycrack had a go with one flying it off an I phone, even managed to flip it, safely and back upright without issue.

Some of the footage with Dimitrij in the gymkhana car was filmed with drones, he was spinning around barrels when he noticed this thing flying next to his window, after the race, interested he asked what it was and it was a DJI drone with two operators, one flying the platform, the other operating the camera and gimble, what next I wonder.



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its the AR drone 2.0, normally flown from an I phone, I fly mine from a normal transmitter know as the Mcgiver kit, about £87.00 on E bay, great fun, it sends back full colour HD video straight to the I phone with or without the Mcgiver kit, it also records video onto an on board memory stick, great value for money too around £200.00.

The DJI Phantom is a far more advanced machine with 6 axis accelerometer, digital compass, GPS, barometric pressure sensor etc etc. but it is harder to fly, so if you are piloting a phantom the AR drone 2.0 will be a breeze.



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