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Off pub

gwr northants

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lol yeh sounds good just up my street i like to talk total random s**t after bein so bloddy proper at work lol some times i look and think funny stuff why people at work talkin to me as specially my boss things like do you take it up the ass some times i laugh and thay look at me gone out people can be so boreing just got look intrested but drift of in to a world of weird and dirty thoughts lol:-):-):-):-) im in see you in a bit :-):-)

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me makein christmas pim pom decorations reindeer and snow man ones :-) there cute but my wine runnin low :-\but my rob pickin more liqued up on way home :-) mind you wants to hurry up coz them boxers of chrustmas wine stairing at me lol ummmm

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Think I'm gonna get smashed !! And then come on here and put up really random shit , like have you ever had group sex etc while eating a curry and naan bread !!

Just for a change pmsl ...........

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