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Stricter laws

gwr northants

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A good few know on here I mostly do European haulage , past month or so done a lot of uk , the amount of accidents I'm seeing caused by Eastern Europeans on the British highway is discusting , yes I'm the biggest tw at going but there is a time and a place !!! I've been driving class 1 abroad since 89 and never once took a car out on my blind side !!!

The British police need to start hammering these s**ts , sorry for my own little rant , but makes me mad , an artic can be a death trap with the wrong person behind the wheel , and mr bloody Romanian Lithuanian , etc etc , shouldn't be on the road !!!

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we see this down here at the clinic, locally we have a polish owned and run chicken farm, the lorries going to and from the farm are mostly driven by eastern Europeans, and talk about speed, they throw these 30 + tonners around on our single track country roads like go karts, they pass over bridges with 7 ton limits and simply do not give a f**k.

What astonishes me is the polish chicken farmer applied for planning permission to build 6 more chicken sheds, big sheds and was turned down by the highways dept due to access and the size/weight of the lorries stating the single track roads could simply not take any more traffic, also the rivers authority got involved due to the chicken s**t getting washed off these huge vehicles wheels when driving through the ford at the bottom of our lane and contaminating the water table, this did happen a few years back turning the local lake green for a long time as the algi enjoyed its meal.

Crazy thing is, they appealed and the planning sailed through even though both the river authority and highways dept were against it yet again, makes you wonder what went on behind closed doors at the planning dept, suddenly these single track roads and age old bridges with a 7 ton limit are capable of carrying 30 + ton lorries and even more of them now they have an extra 6 chicken sheds going up. mmmmmmm??



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well this to much for me to read will you be havin vodka this weekend x :-)

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Lol !!! I'm having vodka now as I. Ant drink tomorrow as in on Sunday at 2am

Yes Kev your right , there is soo many p**s takes in this country regarding foreign drivers , it gets my back up , any truck driver can have a knock , I do about 600 km a day so what mr joe blogs does in a year takes me about a month ,

Some of the accidents I e recently seen though are very worrying , and yes folks its gonna get worse when Romania come into the eu in jan , there all mad !!!!

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