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Curborough Sprint Track 29th Aug 2013


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Fook me Steve....are you a bomb disposal expert in your spare time?!?! :o

That's some of the calmest in-car footage I've ever seen, how the hell do you manage to remain so calm? What's your secret? I'm not that relaxed when I'm asleep!!!!

If I was wearing a cap I would doff it towards you immediately, very impressive Sir.

In contrast here's some footage taken on my in-car camera last Thursday at Curborough.


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thanks again for your comments guys.

LOL Danny. I can't tell you my secret, cos I don't have one.

I'm not pushing big power, 363 bhp with 380 ft lbs, standard type r running gear, so the car is quick off the line anyway.

if you had seen my first outing before my setup was done, i had no confidence in the car, and I was running 41 sec lap times :(

post setup and a large sum of money later, here is the end result :)

I have huge faith that the car will grip and grip, will not understeer or cock one of its rear legs at tight hairpins. I don't have to fight the car (as you can see), just point and squirt and let it drift slightly when it wants/needs to.

please remember this is my second time on track. yep honest, second time, as a few members have pointed out the car should go quicker, i feel the car can, but being held back buy the driver.

I don't drive the type r everyday so still i'm still finding the limit and building up my confidence.

but I must say, 2.5 with a SC38 = a marriage made in heaven.

i'll post up my power graph so you can see what i'm on about

but again thanks guys for your comments...

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Nice vids steve and some very cool driving fella,heard somewhere you were not many seconds off danny p`s time around that track,not sure who told me tho think it was one of the scoobyclinic spanner jockeys mate. :Red-Wink:

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