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Thinking of getting a go pro, now i have done a little research and my budget would stretch me to getting a hero 3 silver, are these any good?

Or are there any better alternatives for my money? Theres a company on ebay selling the at a decent price right now but I'm 50/50 wether to do it or not! lol

Anyone use one of these?

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I've got a go pro 2 HD and I know others have the 3

Great bit of kit , but remember you will need an assortment of mounts

Only down fall is sound quality, but for the price a good but of kit

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I think an external mic is much better. I've heard a Sony mic is better. There are a few comparison vids on you tube if you search

I have a suction mount and sticky mounts plus a variety if extending mounts. Mine was the Motorsport edition so if you google that it will give you so e ideas :)

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We use a GoPro 1 and 2 a lot whilst Mountain Biking. The picture quality is excellent but agree the sound is not so good. You can get a little clicking rattle from the mount. For durability etc i don't know of anything that's better for the price. One of ours came off a motorbike at 80+ bounced down the road, although the case was badly damaged the camera was fine and still works months later.

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be using a go pro 2 and 3 at trhe weekend , yes u do need to get an assortment of mounts etc, but they do kits for them , i also have an external mike , to help with the sound quality , great bits of kit though

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