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yet another two ??

gwr northants

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yes been to look at another two cars , now dont want to sound racist here , but how come some of our asian / indian friends , try to take people for a fookin bell end !!!

oh yes car is straight , not on hpi etc etc etc like fook it is , front end bang on the register from 2011 , ?? err hello you f ing twit !!! why is there soo many rip of twats out there !!! should hang the fookin lot of em

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This stuff really winds me up! I'm sure you can report them if you think their trying to sell it without informing the new buyer?

And if not their should be a law against not discosing the information like;

It should be the sellers responsibility to do a HPI check and inform any potential buyers of the history.

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thing was fella, they were both garages too, now you know they would of both hpi,d the cars on px ?? but still felt if they could pull a fast one. i was in the trade for 5 years and i really enjoyed selling cars and motorbikes, and had many a repeat customer. too many rip off merchants now . that are in for the fast buck, and fook customer satisfaction . i regular got thankyou letters from customers , funny as it might seem , from 60 year old biddies who had bought a polo , to 18 year old woman who had bought there first car . i really enjoyed the job , and yes would still be doing it , but the money aint the best !!

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Must have been your good looks and fantastic charisma hey Gaz...... lol :hrhr:

As for your little friends..... they just take alot of people for mugs..... its only cause you know what your looking at that they fall down!!

Some people would just take thier word and buy the car.....

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lol Dan no mate , i would never ever go there . i would personally say there are one of the worse garages in britain. they still have a type r for sale that was up when i bought mine ?? nearly 3 and a half years ago . and they have only dropped 900 quid on the price lol and hey Gurn , i was mr respecatable fella , even went to night school to do my financial courses and then became a finance manager at vw audi in northampton. left there and became branch manager at another vw garage , one in kettering . mates used to think i was on loads , nice a4 cab on the drive , had a r32 for 3 month . but having a flash company car dont pay the mortgage does it !!

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Your not wrong gaz!!

am glad i stepped away from the company car thing, as you get taxed to the hilt!!!

least my car is mine..... my name on the V5, and the company have to pay me if i do any miles in it for them!!!

I bet you looked proper dapper in a suit Gaz.... all respectable, and smiles for the customers!!

I bet the women could get a better discount out of you then the men could................ pmsl :hrhr:

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