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james bulger............20 years ago today

Big Shrek

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spare a thought for the poor little blighter who suffered such an horrific death at the hands of venables and thompson,cant believe its been 20 years already.

this is a prime example of how weak the british justice system is

R.I.P little james

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I was only 9 at the time and I'm aware of the murder and various details, but have never understood the full extent until now as I have just read it all on wiki.


Shocking is an understatement. No point in me commenting further as I'm pretty sure I share the same sentiment as the rest of the nation.

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I was living in litherland wich is next to bootle . The police and media at the.time was unreal. Even after they arrested.the kids. Then when it became public there was fooking major kick offs against the familys concernd. It was a bad time. But also a very disscusting time I think. That two young kids could commit such a crime. The countrys went mad . !! And it aint getting any better

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