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hi from sooz!


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Hi everyone

Im Sooz from Stoke on Trent. I drive a classic Scoob thats just undergoing a pile of work lol. It used to be silver ..........

any way in my family of cars i have my classic scoob which has had some major upgrades over the past few months. she was rescued as a spares/repair and has had a new engine, box, turbo, imnjectors, ecu.....loads of stuff. i took it for a rally trial and did ok so ive decided that that scoob is now my baby, hense the need to do her right up. shes currently undergoing a respray and interior make over

scoob number 2 is another classic but a v3 that is a track and rally car with roll cage etc. this is my toy ;)

scoob number 3 is my fella, adams STI. yes i was happy that my man bought home a STI lol. shes also currently having a full rebuild and has some major mods planned

and number 4 is my mitsubishi FTO. Its been around the jap show circuit a few times, all show and no go lol

so thats us ;) look forward to meeting you all soon

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ok so heres my classic scoob before the spray job its currently undergoing. it looks nice on this pic but it was a bit beat up lol. all doors were different shades ect


this was just after i ragged it round the rally track lol


thats meeeeee lol


this is my classic rally car




this is another track car we bought as spares, now my mate has it


this is the paint job on my silver scoob now, its ford white with baby pink glitter. its hard to explain but it basically just shows as a blush of pink, nothing minging lol


and this is my FTO


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