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college course at 33 yrs old

Big Shrek

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i have been doing alot of thinking lately about going to college and doing the above course as i love cars and have always wanted to know how to work on them

do you think its too late for me @ 33 yrs old?

how much do the courses cost?

has anybody else done one?

this is the one i would like to do


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Yeah go for it. 33 is hardly old is it :lol:

I'm still doing courses at 46 ! :)

well i just feel that i should have done it years and years ago

any idea on price?

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I'm currently doing a HND in business at leicester college.

Is not the easiest of things to do after a full days work, but will be worth it.

i'm 32 in a few weeks too bud..... so never too old!!

Just means you have a better understanding, and are more willing to learn.

Work pay for my course..... but fee's have just gone through the roof thanks to the government.

My course was £975 a year when i joined........ the same course now is £4500 a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go for it fella.......... never say never!!

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