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What was your first

Scooby 17

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Mine was one of these

In metalic bronze BLE 395S

895cc went forever on £10's worth of fuel and when it broke the garage fairy's appeared by magic and fixed it over night for nothing even when i roled it in a ditch and the recovery truck driver assured me it was scrap 2 days went by and it reappeared a little battle scarred but ready to take me to uni.

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1971 mini van in blue wish I still had it worth a mint now..

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Ford Cortina 1.6L (MK4) in red...

That was back in 1984.

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Bizarre Jase - my first ever car was a Hillman Imp too but in blue (with yellow go faster stripes!! lol). Didn't last long tho before I moved onto a Cortina 1600E, proper one with the raised dash :)

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1970s datsun 120y

reg-SVO 666R three door

in sh***y metallic gold/mustard colour


and you would not believe the nightmare trouble i had getting it insured just because it had 666 on the reg absolute nightmare that was in 1989 and in the end it was insured through lewis micheal in newhall

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