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2nd Lady

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Me and my darren been on our night ride had coffee at mac ant life exciting lol well i noticed jam donuts brought back memories of a crazy holiday at maguluf yep ring a ring a roses were thay land now one knowsus and what i landed on is no f**kers bisiness i meet a fab gang from grand canyon thay were intrestin just remember places that id like to go not much of a traveler lm a home bird my darren would like to go to California but i think its not for the parm tress or the hot weather but the nice ass cheeks and the rollerblading is a must were would you go and why

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'OUT'....i know your out Vonny, but how did you escape re-hab?...that's what we all want to know.... :hrhr:

Seriously though, this Forum and the world at large would be a far less entertaining place without you :party:

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