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Again already?

Bloody hell just got in!!!

Go back then. It's only 20 past 9 :) Great pubs where you live. I'd be out every night :lol: No pubs round me for miles :lol:

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ive noticed the same over 2000 members .and only about 30 people posting why its a club for everybody so where is all the other members if theres a reasons why not let use know thy as we can work on but it right .plus ive seen new members put a post on and only get one or two replys we are all there to help so lets all work together .just my view on the post

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Just so you know I have to pay for my own boat fuel cause Marv keeps buying those rudy posh cigars from the club account. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Yeah but your mooring fees for the yacht in Monaco aint cheap, you can't have it all you know!! lol

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Im at work now but soon behome to drink my birthday wine and im going to be on here all night sp god know what ill be on about ups the boss is coming were not aloid to use our phones bye

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