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fav topping

gwr northants

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for me marmite or peanut butter

so what floats your boat !!!!

as said i can eat a whole loaf of either , but has to be with either a huge cup a tea or a pint of milk !!!!! hmmmmmmmm tonight all ive got is fishy fingers ???? whats that all about !!!!(dirty cow )moooooon pig .com

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Mines a white wine with vodka top just as a starter and then its wine all the way and then may be a nice greasy bag of chips finished with a shaft in the bone yard yes i find that tops it of a treat classy

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do you ever participate in group sex ??? or is that me reading your posts wrongly ???? or is that just you being you ?????

once tryed that group thing found it all abit confusing didn't know if i was coming or going lol only jokeing i find justme my self and i just enough these days ha ha ha ha nice to here from you mrs northant
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