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hi everyone,was on here some time back as uk300matt.

couldnt remember my log in details so had to make a new name up lol.

as some f you old lags will remember,we lost our child and you were all bloody fantastic,

had a whip round ect and treat me and the wife like royalty,made a huge difference at the time,

so thought id let you all know we had a smashing little boy on st.georges day/monday 23/4/12 at 8.27am.

as per the norm,alot of problems,wont go into it but nearly lost the lil fella at the last moment.

ive never been so scared or cried so much.

but he's here now,and after a few days in hospital,he came home today.

love him to bits.

cheers everyone thats followed this over the years for your superb help/warm loving well wishes and support/shoulder to cry on.

meet jak longden,2 days old.matt and lyndsey.xxxx


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pmsl at you 2 lol.

theres a house building firm round here called george longden lol

so that was a no no even before he was born on st georges day!!

he's been jak longden from the start so we stuck with it.

he was born with a hair do gurn would be proud of!!

had a mohican from day one,even after his first bath,it dried back into a spike lol.

just glad its all done,itll take me a year to get over that night ffs.

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cheers andy my old pal.

we deffo will have to meet up mate.

hows the family doing btw,all good i hope?

hoping to pick up a classic wagon in the near future,

itll be perfect for our needs now.

still got the golf gt tdi,as its been fantastic,

but the e46 330ci bmw i had was only getting 23mpg for not much speed,

so i sold that and made a profit and embarrasingly,im loving my likle cliosport 172 at the mo.

never would have thought it,but its fantastic fun,in the old school hot hatch way.

no traction control ect,had upgraded cams,induction kit,group n exhaust system and only costs £50 on vpower to fill lol.

still got the celica mate?

hope to catch up soon bud

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Matt as i said to you in my texts yesterday this is absolutly fantastic news,

As a few us will know, this is what the 2 of you have always wanted and you have been through so so much......

But just look at that face....... good things come to those who wait hey!!

Enjoy every second matey, cause they dont stay that small for long!!!

And your not wrong about the hair..... it looks great!!!! he's got more then scatty and he's only a few days old!!!!!!


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Congratulations Matt, glad every thing has turned out for you both, its been a long road for you two, but now look forward to the future as a loving family.

All the best to you all....

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thankyou sir.

cheers ed,hows the good lady?you made an honest woman of her yet buddy?

where are the meets held now,i should pop along and introduce the lil dude to all you kind folk.

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Have u all still got the same. cars?

Looks like mr gurn and jay have sold what they had last time

I was on here,also looks like marvs sold the spec c and gregs gone new age,

What u all got now?still miss my old uk300 :-(

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