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Its taken a while........


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But i miss my old scoob!!!!!! :cry: :cry:

Just something to play with, modify, and make my own.....

Cant really do anything to the insignia, as its my daily car, plus it just aint the same!!!

Is great to see that lynne is keeping the old girl going well though, and making it her own!! :thumb: :thumb:

Miss meeting up with you lot too (even pensioner and steve in his squashed beetle!!!)............ but with my work load, and Olly, i just never seem to have the time!! :ermm:

I might be back one day........ will def be something special though, thats for sure!!!! :thumb:

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nice you are still on here and well , i do not miss you one bit .well sometimes i do lie , hurry up and get a scooby so i can take the p**s out of you , ,keep well and see you and the family soon :thumb:

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I agree with Scatty et all. Don't be a stranger

Still don't like you though :thumb:

Only joking. Be good to see you at a meet or on a go kart track somewhere. Always welcome a bit of cannon fodder on track :thumb: :thumb:

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Andy your coming to the next meet mate will give you a lift bud in the new faster beast lol

will i have to bring my passport and go through check in at the airport to board the new JETFIGHTER............... lol :sofa:

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Thanks for all the nice comments guys......... ( that even includes the ugly porsche driver.... :D ........ :hrhr: )

I might surprise you at a meet at some point.......... will see what i can work out!! :sofa:

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