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Top day!


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Well on behalf of myself and I am sure the owners and staff of Midlands Scoobies I would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone for today.

We raised £155 between our collections, the pub box and Lynnes collections at her work. Not to mention all the eggs that everyone collected. I know there was a hiccup with half the convoy getting seperated but the end result ws fantastic and as my first event in my new role it kinda left me speechless getting out of my car and seeing the line behind me. Not least the cars all parked together for the Photo's.

From deciding to run the event to getting the green light from the hospital and working around restrictions we had less than 2 months to make it happen. As folks began lining up behond me I hadn't quite grasped the scale and when the nurse told me we hadn't made enough noise and to try and do better, well the sound was fantastic. I didn't take any photo's today for once as I was bobbing about all over the place so I can't wait to see what everyone else got.

Special mentions to The Easter Bunny Yvonne, who complete with ears, tail and smile happily dished out the eggs on the ward and Lynne for helping with the collection. And in advance a thankyou to Ant and Tracey who caught the convoy on film.

Thankyou guys!

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I would like to add my personal thanks on behalf of the club - superbly organised & a huge well done for that and everyone who did their bit to make this a great day for a great cause, hopefully we brought some of the scoob smiles into the lives of those youngsters going through such a torrid time - it's very moving to see this kind of support so, again, thank you one and all :realmad:

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The lad that was in a wheelchair and plaster was woken up by some hooligans making a bit of a racket.

When his mum told him there was a load of subarus outside he told her he was getting dressed and going outside. His mum told me the lad was in his element with the scoobs.

His brother was taking a few photos on his mums phone, when she looked at the phone he'd taken over 70 photos.

What a cracking day.

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Dan, You did a fantastic job of organising this. Long may it continue.

I couldn't believe how many eggs we got. Wonderful to see how generous people have been in either sending eggs or donating what cash they had. Fantastic. Just shows we have a great club. Something to be very proud to be part of.

Great to see all the cars lined up outside and one or two of the kids coming out to look

Well done :thumb:

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Think it's fantastic what you lot have done :thumb:

Would have liked to have taken part but didn't want to gate crash something that should be a Scooby only event.

As said above well done Dan, think you have done the club proud.

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+1 to all the above comments :thumb:

Nice to be a part of a great club, with excellent members and all for a very worthy cause.

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