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Response from my Local MP Regarding RIP off Britain


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A part of the Fail Fuel UK campaign i wrote to my Local MP in Burton, MR Andrew Griffiths. Ive changed my surname to my username on here

He actually believe that he is already saving folk money on fuel anyway. It's made my blood boil. Never the less he will be getting a reply to this, so any suggestions as to what to put in it would be good (Oh i don't mind funny replies either !!)

Here is the reply !

Dear Mr Steve777,

Thank you for your email and for letting me know of your support for the FairFuelUK campaign and the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) report. I know that we have been in touch about the FairFuelUK campaign before.

I fully appreciate how expensive fuel is in the UK. High fuel prices are largely the result of the high price of oil internationally and this inevitably leads to inflated costs on the forecourt. It puts a great strain on all of us and does little to help our economic recovery. In November last year, I spoke in a debate in Parliament on rising fuel prices. You might have seen my comments in the Burton Mail where I supported calls for a debate on fuel prices. You see the article by clicking on this link:


I know that the Government is aware that for many people, using their car is not a luxury but a necessity. Fuel duty was expected to increase by 3 pence in January and by 5 pence in August. You will be pleased to learn that Ministers have cancelled the January rise and limited the August increase to 3 pence. These measures mean taxes on fuel will now be a full 10 pence lower than they would have been. Families will save £144 on filling up the average car by the end of the year because of these changes. This is in addition to the Budget 2011 announcement to increase the tax on oil and gas producing companies, who are making unexpected profits on oil prices that are far higher than those they based their investment decisions on.

I know that the CEBR are very respected and that their latest report will give Ministers food for thought. The budget will be announced on Wednesday 21st March, and I will be having conversations with Ministers and colleagues in the run up to see what help the Government can offer to motorists.

I hope this is helpful. Thank you for taking the trouble to write to me about this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Griffiths MP

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Hole .

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I read it as " The Government & I have no intention of helping people in the UK. In fact we are going to make even more money by taxing the oil companies harder and keep the lot for ourselves" Up yours !

Steve :respect:

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I read it as " The Government & I have no intention of helping people in the UK. In fact we are going to make even more money by taxing the oil companies harder and keep the lot for ourselves" Up yours !

Steve :respect:

Ah! Yes but that would mean the politician giving an Honest answer no.gif

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Apart from the price

the thing I find most annoying is the fact you have a fuel tax and then add vat as well.

So they tax the tax and were supposed to be grateful that it's not 10p more than it should be.

I can remember when petrol reached a pound a gallon and then when it reached 2 quid a gallon.

now it's 6.30 a gallon. and that's just normal unleaded.

Tucking Fosspots the lot of them.

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I have had my letter back from my MP.

I support the campaign and have already written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Best Wishes

Yours Sincerely

Dennis Skinner

Top Guy

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Fairfuel press release

Message to all FairFuelUK Supporters from QUENTIN WILLSON: "Thanks to all those rain-soaked supporters who made the trip to London. We filled the House of Commons, stopped traffic in Westminster and delivered a ground-breaking report to door of Number 10. National Fair Fuel Day was covered by TV, radio and papers throughout the day. Even FOX TV from America was there. This is intelligent public protest at its very finest. As I sat in a packed committee room in the House of Commons with our tireless parliamentary ally, Robert Halfon MP, I was enormously proud of what the day achieved.

Together we've catapulted high fuel duty to the top of the political agenda and asked vital questions about the damage it does to the UK economy. We've also begun an important debate to examine the real numbers behind fuel taxation. How can a government possibly defend a taxation regime that forces its citizens to pay £80 in tax for fuel that actually costs just £24. That's right - to pay for a £60 fill up, we have to earn £104. That huge tax take is national insurance, income tax, VAT and fuel duty. The oil companies get just twenty four quid. That's why the UK has the second highest fuel duty in the entire world. These are numbers we need to know.

Fair Fuel will also insist that we know how many jobs are lost and how much economic activity is damaged every time fuel duty goes up. The Treasury hasn't done these figures and its time they did. Because the weight of these absurd numbers and the pressure of public protest will bring about a sea change in fuel taxation. The UK has reached a tipping point and politicians are now realising that this impossible financial pressure on families and businesses can't continue. Yesterday was a huge success. Well done everybody."

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its ridiculus how much tax duty is put on fuel and also made worse by the rise in road tax duty as that seems to go up every year also. Being someone who enjoys a leasurely drive out every now and again i am personally spending over £60 per week now on fuel alone and only driving one car between me and the missus as oppose to two years ago running two cars and only spending £80 between both i know cars are "bad for the enviroment" and all that but some of us have to use them as to get a decent paid job in this country you have to travel and with a growing family i need a car of a fair size rant over :thumbup::realmad::respect:

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Its an ever increasing circle.

Fuel duty is a taxation relied upon, until another revenue is sourced it will never decrease.

In other words, until we start building things and selling them, tax is used to run the country as there are no other funds.

Think of England as your business:

No export, all import as you don’t make anything, so buy cheap from abroad and sell expensive to your own employee’s. When they buy it, you put a security welfare tax on it, say 20% for example.

Then you spend that tax on your employee’s welfare, because they aren’t very well or cant be arsed to go to work.

Because of the welfare tax your company has introduced it has priced you out of the market, so you no longer sell your product and your customers go direct. But you still have to pay your welfare to all the sods who are ill or can’t be arsed to goto work and because the welfare system of your business is so good everyone phones in sick all of the time, so it costs you more than the 20% sourced.

So the solution is - you put all the welfare tax on the guys who work on the things they consider to be a luxury to you, ie driving to work, having a smoke or drinking a beer. This realy upsets your employees so they go out on strike upsetting your business even more.

Return to top of page and repeat for the next 10 years…

Cure the source, not the cost.

1: The younger generation needs to be educated to a higher standard to create and build.

2: Export and sell.

Only a few companies have learnt the lost skills of their ways, some now hold training academies on site and are exporting with great rewards.

Jaguar and Land Rover are two, I just hope more follow.

Edited by Ian
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Just had a Mail from Fair Fuel UK, looks like the Goverment is pressing ahead with the Fuel Tax increase, looking like 19 pence a Gallon rise. We will all be worse off now.

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we've saved you money.. cus we've not put it up as much as we were going to.

The talking point should have been the high Tax and VAT on the litre of fuel.

Oh... and why is there less and less petrol stations about.. when more ppl have cars??

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there takeing the p**s . was looking at some old recieps . when my dad had lorries ....

in 1979 fuel was 79p a gallon .....

Seventy bloody nine????!!!!!!!!!!

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