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Goodbye but not farewell


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As the title says, as of today I will be stripped of my stripes as it were after standing down as part owner/ mod here on MS.

This may or may not come as a shock to you and this is not just something that I have decided overnight. Me and Chez have been involved with various car clubs since around 2000, so I've put plenty of time and given plenty of effort into my passion for cars. We have been with Midland Scoobies for around 7 years and to be honest have loved every minute if it. MS is certainly the best club I have ever been involved in and that goes without question. The Subaru scene is a lot friendlier than other car manufacturers clubs.

MS is not just about the cars, but the people too. We have made lots of friends over the years, some who have been and gone and some who are still here today. So thanks for all the support over the years, but in particular back in 2008, when me and Chez were in a very serious accident in Chezs white Scoob, which many of you will remember and was not our fault. We were so overwhlemed by the support and encouragement that we received from the club and the Subaru community that we got straight back into another Scoob as soon as we could and from that moment on started helping out with events, etc, which really moved the club forward at that time and then I went on to become a mod and then part owner.

It really saddens me to be standing down, but me and Chez just have other commitments to start focusing on in our lives after being involved in clubs for such a long time. Although I am standing down, me and Chez will NOT be getting rid of our much loved Scoob anytime soon. I just want to sit back and relax as a member again. We will be attending majority of the monthly meets for the usual friendly chit chat and to drool over some lovely motors and indulge in some nice grub.

So, there it is. I would like to say a massive thank you to all mods/helpers over the years. I know this may come as a shock to you guys too, but I just wanted to get it sorted, so there was no point beating about the bush and wanted to do it all in one go for everyone to see.

I have tried to get back into things after getting married last year and moving house, etc, but busy times get even busier and we have different things to focus on. If anybody has any club matters, from now on you will need to contact Andy or Marv, who I am sure will be glad to help.

Thanks again from me and Chez and see you at the next meet!

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baby making taking up all your spare time then Azz? :thumbup:

pmsl a baby Azz

oh well, they can share clothes :question:

on a serious note, glad you 2 are still here after the accident. I remember the phone call from the resedent landlord & coming to see you both in hospital

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well done azz for all you have done. a credit to the club and you always try and keep everyone happy. you have done a lot for midland scoobies.....

this doesnt mean we will stop ripping you though..... :thumbup:

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Wow that was a shock , firstly big thanks for 7 years of hard work and input into the club from both u and chez . Good luck with the kick back and don't get rid of the scoob 2 fast remember it's in your blood , I can remember the accident and u have both been through the mill happy to say u made it to the other side

As u say plenty of friends have been made on here , was also an honour to attend your wedding

All the very best guys

Jason & Diane

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As I've already said to you both Azz, but I will say it again on open forum, thank you both for everything you've done for the club.

I fully understand your reasons for standing down and wish you both well in everything you are doing now and in the future. Glad you've decided to stay with us in another guise and no doubt we'll see you at future events/meets.

Be good!! :thumbup:

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Thank you and good luck in everything you do in the future......see you at the next meet guys thumbsu.gif

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