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Urgent appeal


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Right then people, am making a plea to help a fellow members family.

GWR gas got his self banged up for 6 months at her majesty's pleasure. I wont go into the whys and details as Paula doesn't know I am doing this. Just to add, it's a minor offence, no-one got hurt.

As you can imagine, with Gaz being the main bread winner and with Paula alone with two young children and a house to support, times are tough. Until she can get some help from the social, can you spare some donations to help through this difficult time?

If you can help, whatever you can afford, please forward it via PayPal to hendosabode@aol.co.uk and I will make sure it all gets to her. She is also selling the VR6 golf at a vastly reduced price if you know anyone who's looking for a car. I know she is struggling so please do what you can. Thanks all.

Paula, if you read this, don't get upset, we are all friends and am sure people will want to help a fellow member in need. xx

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Blimey...I'm in tears,a little birdie told me to log on this morning.

On behalf of myself,baldrick and the kids,we really can't thank you all enough.

We would be gratefull for £10 at the mo lol.Times are bloody hard tbh,spoke to Gaz other night,he's ok,visiting in m.k on sunday with Matt,will let you all know how he's gettin on.

Once again,thank you very much,and of course Greyheadxx

Love Paula and the kids xxx

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I'm back,after wiping my tears lol.

Like Hendo said he's not in there because he hurt anyone,so please don't think bad of him.

Ady i reackon the lappy,so he can still abuse you !!!

I'm sure when he's back home he will try and get to a meet and buy you all a drink,might be a shot from a litre bottle of voddie,but hey,it's the thought that counts ain't it xx

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