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the love of my life


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too tracy (my wifey)

twaz 19yrs ago to this very day that i met the one true love of my life Tracy fearn in the rockhouse derby and ever since that night you have bin my best friend my personal psychiatrist my my shoulder to lean on and my lover we have bin through some of the craziest times some of the toughest challenges and even when i had totally given up on life a couple of times (you know what i'm talking about) you just held your hand out too me like the hand of an angel from heaven and shook me up and started again because no matter how bad/low things get in my head you never have and never will give up on me where others have and for this i can never ever return enough love and respect to ever repay/thank you and you have also given me 4 brilliant boys too be very proud of i know just how tough it can be living with me and my demons but you do and thank you for sticking around i love you just as much now as i ever have or could love you forever my babes xxxx

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Hang-in there Ant...good luck...don't do it...think of the kids...are you mad?....you drink to much....stop!....Why?....f**k off!..fighting0077.gif..i'm going out...yeh Whatever!....i've had enough, i can't take no more!

...if all of the above have been in your life

..learn to say 'Sorry'....and mean it!

You've done good, be proud thumbsu.gif

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Sometimes life can be so loneley and everything is doom and gloom but remember you are not the only one so hang on and look at the good things and tell the black dog to clear off and look after the family as that is more preciuos than any material thing.

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