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clipping the apex...a demonstration


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good pic james martin jessop on the rapid solicitors ducati also bathams ??() , cant wotk out the track though could of been a one of at suzuka , hence why his helmet has different colors ???? not sure mucka

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That is what is known as 'sailing too close to the wind', wrong sport I know but foo kin 'ell!! :thumb:

wrong bloody sport lol

any motor sport marv is fun .

or have you taken up chess in your old age mate lol

i,d rarther watch a power boat race than a footie match , and wot do i know about power boats ??? errr i dont even swin , i got my ten meters though lol

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it aint really motorsport though is it? Anyone can fall off a bikeHammer3.gif

errrr in your case a quad on christmas day fella , !!!!

picture the scene hendo the gap toothed fairy comes out of house showing georgie (his daughter how to give it licks on her new quad !!!) and what does he do ??? yep you guessed it big licks no knicks up the street on his arse lol !!!! hmmm go on ronald mcdonald !!! :stuart::2guns:

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