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It never rains


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Well had a shower and came down stairs to find a puddle of water on the kitchen floor.

There are tiles on the ceiling and found a few drops of water coming through the tiles.

Seems that the shower has been leaking for quite a while but the plaster has been soaking it up.

Took some of the tiles down and there is a large damp patch in the middle of the ceiling which has gone black.

Called the insurance comp. to get some help and they've said to get a plumber to come and find and repair the leak.

they'll pay for the plumber to find the leak and it's up to me to pay for the repair.

I told the bloke on the phone that I'm more worried about the kitchen ceiling collapsing rather than getting the shower sorted straight away as I can always have a shower after work and having a bath around at my mums,

So now They've arranged for a building company to come round on Monday t have a look at the ceiling

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