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Anyone had issues with DVLA/ MID/ MIB


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Tried to tax van online at direct.gov on Thursday. Wouldn’t allow me claimed it had no insurance.

Obviously it has insurance.

Had a letter from DVLA on Friday telling me my vehicle has no insurance and to ACTION IMMEDIATELY.

Phoned insurance company Monday who confirmed vehicle is insured.

Drove past Police ANPR Monday evening on A5/M6 J12 and didn’t get pulled in, so thought issue resolved.

Tried to Tax van online today, wouldn’t allow me again claimed no insurance.

Went onto site www.askMID.com still shows no insurance.

Anyone else having issues like this?

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never had an issue cause i always go to the post office to get mine done.....

i no this dont help any but i dont trust these kind of sites..

use the post office for peace of mind..

you can go on a saturday if your busy in the week..

There ends today commercial break, brought to you by Sheepy and post office counters Ltd.........

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DVLA are about as much use as tits on a nun in my opinion!!

You would not believe the amount of trouble I have had trying to get my V5 sorted on the Spec C so that it can go to Sweden and it's new owner - first of all it took 2 attempts to get my private plate off and get the car re-registered back on its own number, then there was an input error on the V5 and one of the digits on the chassis number was wrong, rang DVLA and they asked me to send the V5 Section 7 and 8 completed with the correct details on it together with a photograph of the VIN plate, so what do I get back today?

:censored:The V5 with the same fcuking chassis number printed on on it - useless cnuts :thumbup:

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May flog him mine instead then marv! And for that dough, he can keep my private platelaughing.gif

Lol Hendo :thumb: The way this is going with the DVLA, I will soon have been able to buy yours aswell :puke:

I feel sorry for Marv (and myself!), Scoobynet who have the car, my wife for putting up with me booking trips all the time, and definetely my 4 year old son who has asked me almost every single day for two months when the new Subaru is coming.

I just cant get my head around it all, first they make an input error (around 8 years ago), then they drag their backsides for 4 weeks with the plate and THEN they take 3 weeks to post back the new V5 with the same error on it. Shocking to be honest, if they have any decency left they'll sort this out pronto, sad thing is, I'm pretty sure they wont.

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