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How inhumane can people get...........


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They have appalling human rights issues in China and it seems it's not just the authorities who are to blame !!

The footage beggars belief ....if it wasn't true i would think it was some sick joke.

Life must be very cheap in China.......maybe the passers by thought it was a 2nd child !!!!.........I am personally glad China is feeling the brunt of a world recession....who the hell would want that country as the next world super power?

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thats bad...

how the fook didnt the driver see her in the first place, and why was she wondering about on her own....

sad to say but probably happens all the time, and probs the same in the likes of india as well... life is cheap....

would it happen here....i doubt it, unless it was a hit and run....

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i carnt watch it ive got alittle one.not much older...it was on the news,..heart breaking .agree with above, she should.

of been with pearents.....so sad crybaby.gif

I heard the story at work the other day and I feel the same as you, my baby girl is 9 now but the even the thought of something like this happening to her gives me a lump in my throat.

The thing is, you lose sight of a toddler for a second and they are gone, Ive not seen the clip but probably shouldnt judge the parent. It makes your heart sink if you lose sight of them, quite often mine are still stood next to me!!

Im sure Im losing the plot! Crazy old Dad has gone on one again, shouting a kid thats 3 cm away!

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