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I know a few of you have had touch ups and full jobs, but I was wondering what cost I could be looking at. I will incorporate it with having my rusty rear wheel arches done sometime next year. Anyone shed any light for me.

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We paid near on 2k for a total colour change. Everything bar the inside of the engine bay, (which will be done when the engine comes out one day for some more ponies lol)

We had that done at Breaston Garage, who is actually a paid sponsor on here, but has yet to do his write up, lol as he does long hours and is almost lives at the garage. I hope to have the full details from his very soon, but I can highly recommend him and have had many good comments on the paint job.

I would hope you would pay a bit less than this as its not a big a job as a full colour change. There are many backstreet garages who would perhaps do it for a lot less, but it all depends what result you want. We paid the price but are very happy with the results.

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The problem your going to get is price will undoubtably vary and vary quite alot from one garage to the next.

My only advise is get a few quotes and if possible get some genuine experiences of work that has been done (if possible after a few months or even a year).

Cause no matter how good a person is with the spray gun a nice new paint job will look exactly like that and its only after time that the real quality of the work will show. A good paint job is all about the prep.

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