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Squirrell Mincer!


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Ok so I visited young Micheal at ScoobyWorld today. "got my decat downpipe and centre decat", says I. "I'll get my mid section and afterburner exhaust" I Thought. So once that was loaded in the car and I recaulculated the expected cost as opposed to actual cost, I figured I was up on the deal so I might find myself some shiny to spend the difference on.

So After a simple question about my dump valve sounding like a doormouse with asthma, I now have a full decat system with all the "right" gaskets and its booked in tomorrow. Oh and something funky that resembles a jet engine but sounds fairly like said squirrels being minced :laughing: I was blinded by shinyness and somehow especially on friday afternoon at closing time, when obviously they'd rather be going home than vandalising someones lovely automobile, a HKS SQV dump valve appeared, as if by magic on my car! I spent the whole way home short-shifting and spooling up the turbo just to lift off. And giggling stupidly.

Simple things eh?

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i like simple things ????????

thats why im with paula lol pmsl !!!!! (love her really )

but on a serious note glad ya happy mate , fooook any one else as long as your happy thats all that matters !!!!!

ps beef monster munch or pickled onion ?????

hmmmm decisions decisions !!!!!! :laughing::laughing::unworthy:

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hmmmm pringles with phillidelphia is the goolies , nearly as good as that bath i had in poland with those hairy arm pitted polish shot putters :laughing:

(ohhps dont tell the wife lol ) mind you we got up to loads a fun with peanut butter , non crunchy as it spreads better !!!!

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how did you get from an exhaust and HKS ssqv............ to crisps!!!! :spam::laughing::laughing:

you dont have to be mad to be on here......... BUT IT HELPS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!! :laughing:

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