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d - day has arrived


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finaly got a day for my op , next monday 8th august,the very last day of the 18 week waiting list( they get fined if they go over i think as they do if you go over time in a &e) a week of nerves now id sooner em said yeah your in tomorrow, lets hope the surgeon been to spec savers and knows which bit to cut off

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Good luck matey , hope all goes well Been waiting a bloody age

yeah was first took in 26 feb but didnt get put on waiting list till april

hopefully ill get sort then just gotta wait for the wife to get her date maybe by christmas will bot be sorted

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thanks everyone

started getting stuff ready to go in , bag etc socks with no holes lol must get acouple of car mags to read aswell, any one got any old impreza mags lying around.

from the sound of it my ops gonna be monday after noon , nothing to eat after 6.30 am nothing to drink aftrer10.30 lets hope it aint as hot as the past few days

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thanks mr gurn for the mags today and the 17s for the jacket and and thankyou for all the words of support from everyone , bags packed ready for morning up at 6 cus i cant half anything to eat after 6.30. back in a few days with a bit of luck

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